Award winning celebrity and royal hairdresser, Richard Ward, has recently designed and specified a new range of detangling hair brushes in order to improve on the current market offering and provide him with a product he can trust and gain benefit from using.


High performance brushes

Richard, who regularly styles the hair of celebrities such as Sir Michael Caine, Darcey Bussel, Dustin Hoffman, Lily Allen and Bear Grylls, wanted access to a range of higher performance and more hygienic detangling brushes so he designed them himself.

As part of the remit for these products, Plastribution was involved in providing solutions to some of the challenges encountered and recommended two very different types of masterbatch to give a very unique product with exceptional performance.


Tangle Angel & Tangle Cherub

The Tangle Angel and more compact Tangle Cherub, incorporate a permanent antistatic additive from Premix’s Pre Elec range to prevent nuisance static build up and the resultant flyaway hair during brushing and blow drying. The result is far more manageable, smooth and silky hair.


More hygienic

Hair brushes can harbour large numbers of many different types of bacteria and typically there is more bacteria present on a hairbrush than on a dog bowl. To overcome this issue, a silver based biomaster antibacterial agent from Addmaster was incorporated into the polymer to provide a much more hygienic product than those currently available and to improve general levels of hygiene in the salons they are used in.

There is also a Pet Angel for those felines and canines that deserve that little bit of extra pampering!