Invoice Redirection Fraud

How to prevent yourself becoming a victim of this scam.


What is invoice redirection fraud?

Fraudsters posing as a supplier or creditor and may advise you that their bank details have changed.

They may send a bogus instruction, which may be an email, letter or via the telephone.

You may be asked to pay all future invoices to a new sort code and account number.

Funds are generally paid straight to the fraudster when the next invoice is due.

Protect yourself:

Challenge any requests to amend account details – REMEMBER: Plastribution will never request changes to bank details by e-mail and that a formal letter for such changes would be sent in the post to an Accounts/Financial contact.

Still contact the supplier or creditor to independently verify the request.

Use contact information that you already hold on file, or that you have sourced independently. Don’t rely on any contact details within the request as the fraudster may have altered these too.

Be aware that letters may appear to be genuine with the correct letterheads, logos and signatures.

Check the email address. At first glance it may appear to be genuine.

Contact your Bank immediately and make them aware of the issue.

Make all staff aware of this type of fraud.

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