Hydropol™ – a dissolvable film solution for infection control bags

In the current situation, medical, NHS support staff, teachers and other key workers are being told to bag up and immediately wash their clothing as soon as they return home. The demand for infection control laundry bags – for both industrial and domestic use – has increased, with many distributors now being out of stock.

Aquapak Polymers has a pellet and process which allows plastic bag manufacturers to switch production efficiently to manufacture their strong hot water-soluble bag, extruded from a standard pellet, called Hydropol™, which is made from PVOH.

Hydropol™ is already sold to manufacturing partners outside the UK, where it can run on most standard blown film lines to make high quality, strong standard laundry bags, aprons and for other infection control applications.

Hydropol™ – a dissolvable film solution for infection control bags
Aquapak's hot water soluble material can play a part in the fight against COVID-19.

Its functionality means that it is also used in specialist applications, such as to recover chemotherapy (cytotoxic) soiled linen. The laundry bags, used by end users in hospitals, care homes, hotels and households, where contamination needs to be minimised, are put directly into the washing machine, dissolving safely and completely (without residue) in a hot wash. Aquapak has grades of Hydropol™ that dissolve fully at 50C, 60C or 70C.


Similarly, contaminated linen and clothing from hospitals, care homes, hotels and households can be carried safely to a washing machine (often off-site) without risk of contamination. For other professions, such as teachers, who are supporting the frontline staff, the laundry bags allow work clothes to be kept safely at home and laundered in efficient wash cycles.

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Hydropol™ is non-toxic in the marine environment and on land. It can be used to create new recyclable and environmentally-safe packaging with a diverse range of end of life options.