Price know-how Oct 20

Polymer markets remain subdued after the summer recess. Reports from regions outside of Europe suggest a strong uptick in demand and pricing is well underway; leaving the price levels in Europe [...]

Price know-how Aug 20

How are market fundamentals likely to affect polymer prices over the summer period? Whilst monomer prices again increased at the beginning of August, the amount of that increase has diminished [...]

Price know-how July 20

What is likely to happen as polymer feedstock prices increase for the third month in a row? The steady recovery in crude oil prices have reinforced the recent increases in monomer pricing, [...]

Price know-how May 20

Downward pressure on polymer prices continues, although this situation may soon start to change. The combination of falling crude oil prices, with the subsequent impact on polymer feedstocks [...]

Price know-how April 20

Oil price weakness spills over into monomer pricing, whilst polymer producers try not to pass savings through. The price of petrochemical feedstocks used in the production of many key polymers [...]

Price know-how March 20

Oil prices collapse on the back of Coronavirus fears.  Crude Oil prices can be regarded as a barometer for confidence in the global economy.  Despite any influence from OPEC, the concern about a [...]

Ipethene 4140

Ipethene 4140 – a new very low melt flow LDPE from Carmel with superb melt strength. Carmel Olefins has extended their Ipethene range of autoclave LDPE for blown film extrusion with the [...]

Price know-how July 2019

The looming BREXIT deadline at the end of October and the ensuing political crisis have caused the value of Sterling to fall significantly against both the Euro and the USD. Whilst the trend [...]

Price know-how June

What are the implications of markets losing momentum prior to the main holiday season? In the first half of 2019 there has been concern about the planned Naphtha Cracker maintenance outages [...]

Price know-how May 2019

How is the recent jump in feedstock costs likely to impact on polymer pricing? The price of crude oil has been steadily increasing since the beginning of 2019. After some delay, this inflation is [...]

Sumika Thermofil

Plastribution is the appointed distributor of Sumika’s Thermofil® range of reinforced polypropylene (PP) compounds in the UK. The Thermofil® range of reinforced polypropylene compounds, which [...]

Kafrit/Constab Additives

Kafrit are pleased to announce the launch of three new antifog masterbatches, unique to the market. Antifog masterbatches are primarily used for packaging films in Cold-Fog and Hot-Fog [...]

Price know-how April

Will the BREXIT delay and smooth cracker maintenance turnarounds result in destocking? Where the market is next headed is not yet clear with cracker turnarounds bringing uncertainty to the [...]

Price know-how March

How will increased feedstock prices affect polymer price levels? For a second month in a row, feedstock prices have increased across the board, which is bringing inflationary pressure to polymer [...]

Capilene CW 85 AV

A new polypropylene grade from Carmel Olefins offers outstanding processability, combined with mechanical and optical properties that are particularly suited to TWIM food packaging and consumer [...]

Women in Plastics

‘Women in Plastics’ provide a platform for females in the plastics industry that are doing great work in every type of capacity. Recently, Plastribution Commercial Director Katherine White took [...]

Exchange Rate

The comments made on Friday 3rd August by Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, that the risk of a no deal Brexit was ‘uncomfortably high’ had a significant impact on the currency [...]

Capilene SW 70 LE

New developmental Capilene SW 70 LE polypropylene impact copolymer resin provides a unique combination of very high flow, good stiffness – impact balance and low emissions that is favorable for [...]

Price know-how July 2018

Have polymer prices peaked and if so what happens next? The combination of converter resistance, coupled with a plateau in crude oil prices, appears to have stemmed the relentless tide of polymer [...]

Price know-how June 2018

The price of crude oil has risen by more than £150 per tonne over the last 12 months, of which £75 has occurred since the beginning of 2018. In the case of polymers, inflationary pressure comes [...]

PA66 – The Pressure Grows

PA66 market ‘overheating’ many users and specifiers may well be forced to ‘down spec’ applications wherever possible, with the major winners potentially being for example nylon 6 and/or higher [...]

Price know-how May 2018

The price of crude oil has been rising steadily since the middle of 2017 and is already close to the top of the $60 to $80 per barrel range expectation. No doubt further upward pressures will [...]

Total PPC 6742

Total have announced that their PPC 6742, a polypropylene co-polymer, has gained Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval. Total’s PPC 6742 provides a balance between impact and rigidity [...]

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