Why is Supplier Relationship Management important?

When I started working in a commercial role in the Plastics Industry in the late 1980’s the relationship between customers and suppliers was often adversarial, with the general view that [...]

February Price know how

Weakness of the GBP Against the Euro Negates the Expected Price Reduction, and Are There Any Implications of a Bounce in Crude Oil Prices.

Forward pricing for stability of supply

As polymer production increasingly moves away from Western Europe does buyer behaviour need to change?

Choosing what we outsource

Prior to the 1980’s most companies did as much as they could for themselves and typically this included activities like transport and warehousing, on the basis that including these processes [...]

Sound insight from the UK’s leading polymer distributor

Alongside our monthly Price Know-how publication, at the beginning of every year we provide an assessment of what has happened over the past year and what may happen in the year ahead, [...]